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Photo Notes

The photos you'll find on this web site represent only a sampling of my hybrids. Many of the key ones are represented, but others are ones I just happened to have at hand. It's taken (and is continuing to take), quite a lot of effort to get this web site (plus my others) fully up and running. It's taking hours, and hours, and hours. Eventually I'll get there (that presumes I know where I'm going).

I took more pictures than ever before (almost 10,000!) with the Olympus 2500L digital camera I bought 3 years ago for just this purpose. As you can appreciate though, I needed to put a lot of effort into hybridizing so my picture taking has to be balanced with other things. Looking back at my pictures I wish I had taken even more! It's not surprising I was only able to get the 2002 Retic pictures posted during bloom season. I haven't yet gotten any others from 2002 up, but will do so over the remaining winter months.

The camera takes pictures that are 1712 x 1368 pixels (2.5 Mega pixels - leading edge digital SLR technology at the time it was purchased). With an 8:1 compression, images take up about 500K. In order to save space on the web server, as well as provide pictures most people could handle without graphics software I "cut them down" to ~1024 x 768. At this size they typically take under 150K of storage space.

With my expanded web site starting early 2002 I was able to offer full-sized pictures. You can now download the large picture (1027 x 821), or the full-size picture (1027 x 821) [the picture that comes up when you click the "medium" picture], by right mouse clicking, then selecting 'Save Image As' (Netscape) or 'Save Picture As' (MS Explorer).

In the "Faster" version of the web site you can download the small picture (274 x 219), or the larger picture (1027 x 821) [the picture that comes up when you click the "mini" picture], by right mouse clicking, then selecting 'Save Image As' (Netscape) or 'Save Picture As' (MS Explorer).

An expanded photo index is available which includes pictures in 'Individuals' & 'Siblings': Expanded Photo Index

Photo Index

Click a photo in the list below to jump to the page where it is. Return by clicking your browser's "Back" button; now you're ready to click another photo.

"winogradowii Alba" "winogradowii Alba" "Kuh-e-Abr" Çat ANMc2175 Çat ANMc2175
Çat ANMc2175 Çat-like ? ? ?? - Okay, where are my notes
'reticulata Alba' winogradowii x histrioides Hybrids 00-AA-1 00-AC-1 00-AM-1
00-AM-2 00-AN-1 00-AN-2 00-AN-3 00-AY-1
00-BC-2 00-BC-3 00-BC-4 00-BO or BV 00-BO-1
00-BO-2 00-BO-3 00-BQ-1 00-BQ-2 00-BU-2
00-BV-2 00-BW-1 00-BX-1 00-CZ-1 00-CZ-2
00-DA-1 00-DA-2 00-DC-1 00-DC-2 00-DH-1
00-DS-1 00-DY-1 00-FF-2 00-FN-1 00-FN-2 (FN-3 at right)
00-FO-1 00-FO-3 00-FP-1 00-GA-1 00-GV-1
00-HB-1 00-HE-1 00-HP-1 00-HP-2 00-II-2
00-IS-1 00-IU-1 00-IV-1 00-IV-2 00-IV-3
00-IX-1 00-IX-3 00-IX-4 00-JD-1 00-JD-2
00-JD-3 00-JF-1 00-JF-2 00-JG-1 00-JI-1
00-JI-2 00-JJ-1 00-JK-2 00-JK-3 00-JK-4
00-JP-1 00-JP-3 00-JX-1 00-KN-2 00-KN-2
00-KN-3 00-KN-4 00-KN-7 00-KS-2 00-KS-3
00-KT-1 00-KT-2 00-KV-4 00-KV-5 00-KV-6
00-KV-7 00-KV-8 00-KX or KY 00-KX-1 00-KY-1
00-LB-1 00-LB-1B 00-LC-1 & 2 00-LC-1 & 2 00-LC-1 & 2
00-LD-1 00-LD-2 00-LD-4 00-LD-5 00-LD-6
00-LE-2 00-LL-1 00-LM-1 00-LS-2 00-LS-3
00-ML-1 00-MQ-1 00-MR-1 00-MR-2 00-MR-3
00-MR-4 00-MR-5 00-OB-1 00-OB-2 00-Z-1
00-Z-1 01 6-7 rows from step 01-AR in with 01-BC-1 01-BE-1
01-BE-2 01-BE-3 finishing 01-BE-4 01-BE-5 01-BE-6
01-BE-7 01-BI-1 01-BI-2 01-BK-1 01-CE-1
01-DG-1 01-DM-1 01-DS-1 01-DS-2 01-DS-3
01-DS-4 01-EN-1 01-EO-1 01-EP-1 01-EP-3
01-EW-1 01-EY-1 01-FH-1 01-FN-1 01-FS-1
01-GI-1 01-GL-1 01-HT-1 01-HY-1 or HQ-1 01-IF-3
01-IF-4 01-IH-1 01-IL-1 01-IP-2 01-IQ-1
01-IQ-2 01-IR-1 01-IV-3 01-IZ-1 01-JB-1
01-JB-4 01-JB-5 01-JR-1 01-JR-2 01-JR-3
01-JR-4 01-JU-1 01-JV-1 01-JX-1 01-KC-1
01-LB-1 01-LH-1 01-LI-1 01-LM-1 01-LO-1
01-MD-1 01-MF-1 01-MF-2 01-MJ-1 01-MW-1
01-MW-2 01-MW-3 01-MW-4 01-MW-6 01-NS-1
01-NS-2 01-NS-3 01-NS-4 01-NS-5 01-OA-4
01-OH-1 01-OO or OH 01-PH-1 01-PM-1 01-PO in with
01-PW like 01-PW-1 01-PW-2 01-PW-3 01-PX-1
01-PX-2 01-QE-1 01-RG-1 01-RG-3 01-RG-5
01-RG-7 01-RG-8 01-RO-1 01-RO-1 in with 01-RS-1
01-RU-1 01-RU-2 01-RU-3 01-SH-1 01-TI-1
01-unknown-1 01-unknown-2 01-Z-1 02-BC-1 02-BD-1
02-CA-2 02-CA-3 02-CB-1 02-CB-2 02-CB-3
02-CF-1 02-CW-1 02-DL-1 02-DL-2 02-EM in with
02-EO-1 02-EO-2 02-EW-1 02-EW-2 02-EW-3
02-EY-1 02-FC-1 02-FH-1 02-FQ-1 02-GC-1
02-GD-1 02-GH-1 02-GH-2 02-GH-3 02-GH-4
02-GH-5 02-GH-6 02-GH-7 02-GJ-1 02-GQ-1
02-GR-1 02-GR-2 02-GU-1 02-HE-1 02-HH-1
02-HL in with 02-ID-2 02-ID-3 02-IJ-1 02-JV-1
02-KB-1 02-KB-2 02-KC-1 02-KC-2 02-KD-1
02-KI-1 02-KT-2 02-KX-1 02-LA-1 02-LD-1
02-LD-2 02-LE-1 02-LK-1 02-LK-2 02-LL-1
02-LL-2 02-LX-1 02-LX-1 02-MI-1 02-NL-1
02-OC in with 02-P-1 02-P-2 02-Q-1 02-QB-1
02-QI-1 03-AD-2 03-AI-1 03-AI-2 03-AI-3
03-AJ-1 03-AJ-2 03-AP-1 03-AV in with 03-BA-1
03-BG-1 03-BK-1 03-BL-1 03-CB-1 03-CC-1
03-CC-2 03-CC-4 03-CH-1 03-CH-2 03-CP-1
03-CV-1 03-CV-2 03-CV-3 03-CV-4 03-CV-5
03-CW-1 03-DA-1 03-DG-1 03-DM-1 03-DN-1
03-DR-1 03-DR-2 03-DT-1 03-DW-1 03-DW-2
03-DW-3 03-DW-4 03-DW-5 03-DW-6 03-DX-1
03-DX-2 03-DX-3 03-EA-1 03-EA-2 03-EC-1
03-EK-1 03-EW-1 03-FB-1 03-FB-3 03-FO-1
03-FP-1 03-FW-1 03-FW-2 03-FY-1 03-GB-1
03-GB-2 03-GH-1 03-GP-1 03-GV-1 03-HW-1
03-HW-2 03-HW-3 03-HY-1 03-HZ-1 03-IF-1
03-JG-1 03-JT-1 03-JW-1 03-KC-1 03-unknown-1
04-AN-1 04-BP-1 04-CP-1 04-DA-1 04-DA-2
04-EH-1 04-EN-1 04-IF-1 05-BL-1 05-EP-1
05-FE-1 05-GQ-1 11-FA-1 1993 Hybrids 1994
1994 87-BN-6 87-BN-6 88-AX-2 88-AX-4
88-unknown 88-unknown 89-A-1 89-A-1 89-A-2
89-A-3 89-A-4 89-AC-16 89-AC-5 89-AC-9
89-AG-1 89-AG-1 89-AG-1 89-AU-3 89-AX
89-AX Clones 89-AX Clones 89-AX-? 89-AX-? 89-AX-?
89-AX-? 89-AX-? 89-AX-? 89-AX-? 89-AX-?
89-AX-clones 89-BD-1 89-E-6 89-E-8 89-E-9
89-F-1 89-F-2 89-F-3 -- back from Wim 89-F-5 89-I-1
89-I-10 89-I-10 89-I-12 89-I-2 89-I-2
89-I-3 89-I-5 89-Q-9 90-AR-3 91-DV-1
91-FC-1 91-FC-7 91-FQ-2 92-AC-1 92-AC-1
92-AR-2 92-B-1 92-B-1 92-BB-1 92-BB-1 & 3
92-BB-1 ('Elegant') 92-BB-2 92-BB-3 92-BB-3 92-BC-1
92-BC-1 92-BD-1 92-BH-2 92-BN-1 92-BP-2
92-BQ-1 92-BS-3 92-BS-3 92-CI-1 92-CI-1 Fully Open
92-CI-1 Partly Open 92-CI-3 92-CS-3 92-CW-1 92-CX-1
92-CX-5 92-CX-6 92-CX-6 92-DU-1 92-DU-2
92-DU-2 92-DU-2 92-DU-2, 1, 3 92-DU-3 92-DU-3
92-DU-3 92-DU-3 92-EC-1 92-EG-1 92-EG-1
92-EG-2 92-EG-2 92-EG-2 92-FB-1 92-FB-1
92-FE-1 92-HM-1 92-X 92-X 93-AH-1
93-AH-3 93-AI-8 93-AT-1 93-AY-4 93-BA-1
93-BA-A 93-BA-B 93-BA-C 93-BA-D 93-BC-1
93-BL-1 93-BS-1 93-CJ-2 93-CP-2 93-CQ-1
93-CQ-2 93-CR-1 93-CR-2 93-CW-1 93-DD-1
93-DH-1 93-DS-1 93-DS-3 93-DS-4 93-EO-2
93-EP-2 93-EP-2 93-EP-4 93-EZ-2 93-F-2
93-FG-1 93-G-1 93-H-1 ? 93-IM-1 93-IM-1
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93-J-1 93-J-1 93-J-5 93-U-1 93-violet, blue, & yellow
93-Y-7 93-Z-2 ? 93-Z-3 94- 94-AF-1
94-AF-1 & 2 94-AF-1 & 2 94-AF-2 94-AF-3 94-AF-5
94-AF-5 94-AK 94-AK-1 94-AK-3 94-AK-3
94-AK-4 94-AK-5 & 6 94-AK-5 & 6 94-AN-2 94-AQ-2
94-AQ-2 94-AT-1 94-AU-4 94-BA-1 94-BB-2
94-BH-1 94-CH-1 94-DR 94-DS-1 94-DS-1 & 2 (right)
94-DS-1 & 2 (right) 94-EA-1 94-EG 94-F-4 94-FT-1
94-FT-2 94-GU-1 94-HW-1 94-HW-3 94-P-1
94-R-5 94-R-5 94-VR-1 94-W-1 95-AS-1
95-AS-2 95-AS-2 95-AS-2 95-BB-1 95-BF-1
95-BF-2 95-BF-3 95-BF-4 95-BF-5 95-BJ-1
95-C-1 95-CA 95-CI-1 95-CK-1 95-CL-1
95-CS-2 95-CV-1 95-D-1 95-D-2 95-D-3
95-DJ-1 95-DQ-1 95-EF-1 95-EF-1 95-F-1
95-F-1 95-F-2 95-F-2 95-F-4 95-FB-1
95-U-1 95-unknown-1 95-unknown-1 96-AC-1 96-Armenian Caucasus hybrid hybrid
96-BB-1 96-BN-1 96-BN-2 96-BN-3 96-BN-4
96-BO-1 96-BO-1 96-CD-1 96-CD-1 96-CD-1
96-CF-1 96-CM-1 96-CN-1 96-CN-2 96-CY-3
96-DG-2 96-DZ-1 96-DZ-2 96-EB-1 96-EI-2
96-FI-1 96-FI-1 96-FW-1 96-GA-1 96-GA-1
96-GU-1 96-misc-1 96-SD-1 96-SD-2 96-SD-3
96-SD-4 96-SE-1 -- Unique Pink-Blue Combination 96-SE-1 -- Unique Pink-Blue Combination 96-ST-1 96-TF-1
96-TN-1 96-TS-1 96-VZ-1 96-VZ-1 96-WR-1
96-XY-1 96-YB-2 97-AC-1 97-AC-3 97-AG-1
97-AG-1 97-AG-2 97-AG-3 97-AG-4 97-AG-5
97-AG-6 97-AG-7 97-AG-8 97-AM-1 97-AM-2
97-AP-2 97-AP-3 97-AP-4 97-AP-6 97-AP-7
97-AQ-1 97-AQ-2 97-AW-1 97-AW-2 & 97-AW-1 (Right) 97-AW-3
97-BG-1 97-BG-2 97-BH-1 97-BO-1 97-BO-2
97-BO-3 97-BO-5 97-BO-6 97-BP-1 97-BP-2
97-BY-1 97-CA-1 97-CA-2 97-CA-3 97-CA-4
97-CA-5 97-CC-1 97-CC-2 97-CC-3 97-CG-1
97-CK-1 97-CK-2 97-CN-1 97-CN-2 97-CN-4
97-CQ-1 97-CQ-2 97-CW-4 97-CZ-1 97-CZ-2
97-CZ-5 97-DG-1 97-DG-4 97-DP-? 97-DP-1
97-DP-3 97-DP-4 97-DQ-2 97-DZ-1 97-DZ-2
97-DZ-3 97-DZ-3 97-DZ-4 97-DZ-6 97-DZ-7
97-DZ-8 97-EI-1 97-EK-1 97-EK-4 97-EL-1
97-EP-1 97-EQ-1 97-EQ-3 97-G-1 97-G-2
97-GF-1 97-GZ-1 97-H-1 97-H-2 97-H-3
97-H-4 97-H-6 97-L/H-7 97-L-1 97-L-3
97-M-1 97-O-1 97-O-2 97-O-3 97-O-4
97-O-5 97-TH-1 97-TH-1 97-TK-1 97-TV-1
97-unknown-1 97-unknown-2 97-VC-1 97-VS-1 97-VS-2
98-BF-1 98-BF-2 (left) & 98-BF-1 (right) 98-BL-1 98-BL-2 98-BL-3
98-CB-1 98-CB-2 98-CB-3 98-CH-1 98-CP-1
98-CP-1 (upper) & 6 (lower) 98-CP-1 (upper) & 6 (lower) 98-CP-3 98-CP-4 98-CP-5
98-CR-1 98-CY-1 98-EO-1 98-EO-2 98-FE-1
98-FN-1 98-FN-4 98-FV-1 98-FV-2 98-FV-3
98-FV-3 98-FV-4 98-FV-6 98-FW-1 98-FW-2
98-FW-3 98-FX-1 98-GP-1 98-GP-10 98-GP-10B
98-GP-11 98-GP-12 98-GP-13 98-GP-14 98-GP-15
98-GP-17 98-GP-2 98-GP-3 98-GP-4 98-GP-6
98-GP-7 98-GP-8 98-GP-9 98-GZ-3 98-HE-1
98-HF-1 98-HF-1 98-HJ-1 98-IV-1 98-IV-2
98-IW-1 98-IY-1 98-JI-1 98-JI-2 98-JI-3
98-JI-4 98-JI-5 98-JQ in with 98-KC-1 98-KC-2
98-KC-3 98-KD-1 98-KD-2 98-KD-3 98-KD-4
98-KD-5 98-KL-1 98-KL-1 98-L/H-9 98-LQ-2
98-LQ-3 98-LY-4 98-MN-1 98-MN-2 98-MN-3
98-MZ-1 98-NC-1 98-ND-1 98-ND-2 98-NP-1
98-NP-10 98-NP-12 98-NP-2 98-NP-5 98-NP-8
98-NU-2 98-NZ-1? 98-OK-1 98-OO-10 98-OO-2
98-OO-3 98-OO-3 98-OO-4 98-OO-5 98-OO-6
98-OO-7 98-OO-8 98-OO-9 98-OU-1 98-OU-2
98-PH-1 98-PR-1 98-PR-1 98-PR-4 98-PR-5
98-PR-6 98-Q-1 98-V-1 98-WB-1 98-WB-2
98-WB-3 98-WB-4 98-WM-1 98-YS-2 99-BM-1
99-BZ-1 99-DN-1 99-GT? 99-OV-1 99-PN-1
99-PN-2 99-PN-3 99-PN-4 99-PN-5 99-SH-2
99-TD-1 99-TD-2 99-VR-1 99-VR-2 99-YN-1
99-YQ-1 99-YQ-2 A Bulblet Left Behind A Few Years Ago All That Jazz (87-BN-1) Amazing (00-KN-1)
Approaching Storm (89-AC-4) Approaching Storm (89-AC-4) Ard #8 Armenian Caucasus Reticulata Beautiful Day (91-FC Dark Blue)
Beside 98-NP-1 'Blue George' Blue Hill Blue Ice (89-Q-4) Blue Ice (89-Q-4)
Blue Water (92-CI-2) Chameleon (02-ID-1) Coffee Brown (98-PR-2) Dance On (89-Q-3) Debonair (00-JB-1)
December 30th 2000 Deep Blue Sea (89-F-4) Down To Earth (94-AT-2) Down To Earth (94-AT-2) -- damaged - very first year Edward
Eye Catcher (98-NP-4) Eye of the Storm (02-CA-1) F1 sxd Clump F1 sxd Clump - 14 Flowers Frank Elder
Frank Elder George Georgian Retic Green Ice (98-OK-1) Halkis
Happiness (01-IV-1) Holland Glory / Holland's Glorie (98-YS-1) Huge 2002 Purple Hundreds of F1 sxd Clones finishing Ice Cream (97-CK-3)
'IDA' In The Depths (98-MH-1) Iran 895 Iran Amoena SLIZE 98-323 Iran Amoena SLIZE 98-323
Iris adiyaman Iris bakeriana hort. Iris bakeriana IGOR Iris danfordiae Iris danfordiae ANMc2325
Iris danfordiae Atilla Iris danfordiae diploid Iris halkis Iris histrio ssp. histrio Iris histrio ssp. histrio
Iris histrioides Iris histrioides hybrid Iris kolpakowskiana Iris kolpakowskiana Iris kolpakowskiana Matai
Iris kolpakowskiana Matai Iris kolpakowskiana Matai Iris kopetdagensis Iris pamphylica Iris sophenensis
Iris sophenensis Iris winkleri Iris winogradowii Iris winogradowii It's Magic (05-HW-1)
Jeannine Jump For Joy (00-KV-1) Katharine Hodgkin Katharine Hodgkin virused Lemon Chiffon (01-FS-2)
Making Out (95-CS-1) Making Out (95-CS-1) 'Marguérite' 'Marguérite' 'Marguérite' Leaves
Mars Landing (00-KV-3) Masquerade Carousel (94-HW-2) Masquerade Carousel (94-HW-2) Mathew BM11026 Mathew BM11026
Michael Michael Neptune (03-JM-2) North Star (00-BC-1) On Cloud Nine (98-GP-5)
Orange Glow (98-OO-1) Painted Lady Paris Flare (94-FL-5) Passion (98-PR-3) 'Pixie'
Plum Cuddles (98-NP-6) Polar Ice Pristine (03-FQ-1) Purple Hill Regal (98-NP-9)
Ruby (98-NP-3) Scent•sational (87-BB-1) Sea Breeze (00-KN-5) Sea Green (97-CQ-1) Sheila Ann Germany
Smile (03-CC-3) Snow And Sky (00-KV-2) Snow-White (96-DZ-1) Splish Splash (00-KN-6) Spot On (87-DQ-1)
Starlight (94-HW-1) Storm (98-NP-2) Strike A Pose (87-DD-1) Strike A Pose (87-DD-1) Sunbeam (98-NP-7)
Sunburst (98-LQ-1) Sunshine (00-HW-1) Surreal (95-CL-1) 'Talish' Transparent Petal!
Turkish Delight (93-BY-7) Turkish Delight (93-BY-7) Turkish Delight (93-BY-7) Velvet Hill Velvet Smile (87-CQ-3)
Violet Mystery (92-CG-1) Violet Mystery (92-CG-1) White Caucasus

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