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My Named 2n=18 F1 'Just Blues'
A number of my F1 hybrids were released early on because of what they represented -- they were the original parents of what was to come (meaning I don't expect them to be enduring). There are a couple that I personally quite like, such as Beautiful Day, and Sophistication. The others all have a special place in my heart -- remembering when they first bloomed, and when I was hybridizing them, wondering what the future would hold. Time has march on, and my attention is focused on my more recent multicoloured hybrids, though if I have some time and I see an F1 unpollinated, I will take a moment and hybridize it.

These are the hybrids that Wim de Goede refers to as my "Just Blues." The reference is to the fact there were already a lot of blues in the market.

Note: half of my named F1s are missing -- I need to find time to load more photos
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OriginalAproaching Storm (89-AC-4)

sophenensis x danfordiae ANMc2325

OriginalDeep Blue Sea (89-F-4)

sophenensis x danfordiae ANMc2325

OriginalBlue Ice (89-Q-4)

sophenensis x danfordiae

OriginalBeautiful Day (91-FC-2)
2007 (aka 91-FC Dark Blue)

danfordiae Atilla x sophenensis

OriginalBlue Water (92-CI-2)

sophenensis x danfordiae ANMc2325