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The list below shows articles I've written to-date; as well as a few others
Missing links just mean that item is not yet available -- I have to recover them from an old computer [very low priority]
There are also a couple of older draft articles that will never be finished
If two PDFs are shown, the first is the published text, and the second is my original submission

Title Publication
2021 Hybridizing Statistics PDF 221KB   
2021 Reticulata Iris Crosses To-Date PDF 1701KB   
Juno Literature (Not up to date) PDF 51KB   
Reticulata Literature (not up to date) PDF 34KB   
The King of Reticulata By Panayoti Kelaidis PDF 4384KB   International Rock Gardener, Dec 2020
Bulbous Irises of subgen. Hermodactyloides By Janis Ruksans PDF 7936KB   International Rock Gardener, Apr 2019
Iris sisianica by Dimitri Zubov & Leonid Bondarenko PDF 1628KB   International Rock Gardener, March 2018
Canadian Bred Reticulata Iris - Down The Road PDF 3037KB PDF  NARGS, Spring 2017
Reticulata Iris - Getting to Market PDF 770KB   Alpine Garden Society of British Columbia, Spring 2017
Bonheurs et Malheurs d'un Hybridizer PDF 1039KB   Quatre-Temp (La Revue Dea Amis Du Jardin Botanique De Montreal)
Reticulata Iris - More Magic PDF 1477KB PDF  2016 BIS Year Book
Polyploid Reticulata Iris - Preliminary Results PDF 519KB PDF  The Review, Issue No 13 (Autumn 2016)
New Irises to Try PDF 544KB   Garden Making, No 27 (Aug 2016)
Canadian Bred Reticulata Iris PDF 770KB   Alpine Garden Society of British Columbia, Summer 2016
Breeding New Reticulata Iris PDF 594KB PDF  The Plantsman, March 2016
Toronto Iris Breeder Spotlighted in Europe PDF 447KB   Toronto Star, Feb 26, 2016
Eyeing Up New Iris PDF 1528KB   The Garden, February 2016
Afwachten wat marktperspectief nieuwe vroegbloeiende irissen is PDF 4188KB   BloembollenVisie, 17 April 2015 [in Dutch]
Yellow With Black Stripes... Impossible! PDF 4650KB   CIS Newsletter - Spring 2013, Vol 57 Issue 2
Iris in March? PDF 499KB   CIS Newsletter - Winter 2013, Vol 57 Issue 1
Reticulata Iris - The Journey Continues PDF 1160KB PDF  AIS - Jan 2013 Bulletin
Reticulata with Alan McMurtrie PDF 456KB   CIS Newsletter - Spring 2012
Canadian Reticulata Iris PDF 180KB   CIS Newsletter - 2008
Reticulata Iris - A Whole New World PDF 1396KB PDF  2007 AIS Bulletin, October 2007
Amazing Reticulata Iris Hybrids PDF 2469KB PDF  2004 BIS Year Book [updated subset of SIGNA article]
Reticulata Iris - Creating A Rainbow PDF 2813KB PDF  NARGS, Fall 2004 [updated subset of SIGNA article]
Reticulata Iris - Making A Rainbow PDF 6245KB PDF  2004 Spring SIGNA
Presentation March 20, 2004 PDF 3135KB   Adirondack Chapter of NARGS
2003 Retic & Juno Bloom (draft) PDF 184KB   
Measurements PDF 11KB   
2002 F2 sxd Analysis PDF 12KB   
Reticulate Irises - A Whole New World PDF 2678KB PDF  AGS, March 2003
A Whole New World PDF 37KB   
Christmas 2002 Message PDF 13KB   
2002 Retic & Juno Bloom (draft) PDF 348KB   
An Engineer By Day & Night PDF 10KB   
Interview PDF 13KB   
Christmas 2001 Message PDF 22KB   
2001 Retic & Juno Bloom (draft) PDF 289KB   
Reticulata Hybrids 6 Years PDF 1490KB PDF  2000 British Iris Society Year Book
2000 Retic & Juno Bloom (draft) PDF 378KB   
1999 Retic & Juno Bloom PDF 65KB   
1998 Retic & Juno Bloom PDF 102KB   
An Adventure With Reticulatas PDF 2829KB PDF  AIS Bulletin, July 1999
Iridodictyum kopetdaghense PDF 24KB   
Iris Facts - March 1998 PDF 15KB   
1997 Retic & Juno Bloom PDF 107KB   
1996 Retic & Juno Bloom PDF 90KB   
Junos: An Overview PDF 3218KB PDF  Gardening With Species Irises -- Symposium March 24-26, 1995
A Juno Miscellany (Appendix of the above) PDF 1150KB   
1995 Retic & Juno Bloom PDF 25KB   
Iris Reticulata Hybrids PDF 1654KB PDF  1994 British Iris Society YearBook
Retic Notes Addendum 1993-4 N/A   
Reticulata Notes - 1992 (Culture) PDF 9330KB   1992 British Iris Society
Reticulata Notes - 1991 (The Species) PDF 2977KB   1991 British Iris Society
1991 Reticulata Notes N/A   
Have You Ever Thought of Going to Turkey PDF 950KB PDF  1986 British Iris Society

N/A - Not Available (need to be retrieved from an old computer)
AGS - Alpine Garden Society (Bulletin)
AIS - American Iris Society (Bulletin)
BIS - British Iris Society (Year Book)
CIS - Canadian Iris Society (Newsletter)
SIGNA - Species Iris Group of North America
NZIS - New Zealand Iris Society

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